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                EC-15K : Brominated epoxy polymer

                EC-15K is a high brominated flame retardant epoxy oligomer resin, which uses tetrabromobisphenol A and tribromophenol as the main raw materials. Different from the traditional flame retardant, it has excellent mechanical properties, electrical properties, chemical corrosive resistance, molding performance, heat resistance and mobility.

                Mainly used in thermoplastic polymer PBT

                Molecular formula C6H2OBr3(C18H16O3Br4)nC9H8O2Br3
                Molecular Structure
                CAS NO. 139638-58-7
                Physical properties
                Appearance Light yellow particles / powder
                Bromine content (Wt%) 53-55%
                Molecular weight 15000
                Specific gravity (g/cm³) 1.8
                Softening point temperature (℃) 135-145
                Weight loss on heat (Wt %)
                10℃/min Air
                1 345℃
                3 350℃
                10 370℃
                Product picture
                Advantages ◇ high heat stability and thermal aging performance
                ◇ Excellent processing performance
                ◇ low precipitation
                ◇ high UV stability
                ◇ low corrosive
                Storage Under normal circumstances, this product owns stable physical and chemical properties, non-volatile. Avoid inhalation, swallow or contact with the skin or eyes when used. Stored in a cool and ventilated place
                Packing 25KG Double-layer kraft paper bag


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